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Proof of work in the contest of Blogband LLC refers to both the date and time stamped upload of a collaboration and the proof that the track was uploaded to the network using either the Bitcoin protocol or another, specialized crypto-currency platform.

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BAND Coin – Released – The Official Blogband Crypto Currency

The official cryptocurrency of the patented, collaborative music social network for musicians and artists, Patented digital media wallet allows musicians to send and receive songs at the speed of a cryptocurrency, maintaining ownership of digital media.

Band Coin is a Waves Platform Token that will be tailored for integration with social network for musicians to collaborate online in a band that they start or join. Sonic is going to enable all sorts of new features that benefit musicians and licensing of digital content.

Welcome to SONIC, the official crypto currency of Blogband LLC and

Download Sonic Coin

What is BAND COIN?

BAND COIN is the future of the music industry crypto-currency and music licensing. You’ll be able to get access to the top content on using SONIC currency. Here at Blogband LLC, we believe in the phenomenal velocity of the crypto-currency revolution.

In the future, you’ll be able to send songs to your friends using BAND. That is the reason to start using BAND COIN today!

Start mining Sonic today and be ready for the release on and be able to buy content online using Bitcoin, Litecoin and BAND coin.

Plans for the future of the BAND COIN currency:

Licensing of digital media.

Sales of songs on

Distribution of profits to musicians in a band.

Re-defining the Music Industry. Come play with us, because the world is listening.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring musicians together so that they can crowd source their productions with the top quality producers, vocalists, instrumentalists and lyricists.  So many great musicians go unheard, because they struggle to break through the bureaucracy of the record labels and their judgments about music. Even the new music services like Pandora prohibit great music from shining through to appreciative listeners.

In order to help musicians realize their potential with each other as support, we created and the patented, collaborative online social network.

Our social network for music collaboration allows musicians to organize their music and develop real, online bands in a virtual workspace. This way, you will be able to find the best musicians and producers to craft beautiful recordings and collaborate on the same social network that you found them!

We wanted to develop a way for musicians to prove their contributions, so we allow them to date stamp their contributions to different songs using our online work space environment. This will eventually transform and meld in the distributed network of the crypto currency revolution, as we have patents pending for the inclusion of crypto currency payments and documentation using cryptography is the way of the future.

If you’d like to learn more about the future of and the other IP projects of Blogband LLC, please contact us. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day.

All My Best,

Parker Emmerson

Manager Blogband LLC

Re-defining the Music Industry. Come play with us, because the world is listening.