Introducing SONIQ, the new coin of the music industry, and’s very own crypto currency.

Sonic Coin is a scrypt coin, meaning more people will have access to the ability to mine and participate in the sonic coin framework.

Mine sonic coins from your GPU and get access to the latest content from and Blogband LLC. License your music using Sonic Coin on’s patented social network for musicians!

Imagine a time when you don’t have to use a VISA, a Mastercard, and American Express to get access to the greatest songs out there today. No more endorsing their usury.

Imagine a time when all you have to do is play music and have friends listening to your music to listen to other people’s music. Make music to get music.

Imagine a place where you can seamlessly get access to the best audio and music videos out there just by liking them and using crypto currency of bit coin, lite coin, or dogecoin.

Imagine Songcoin seamlessly integrated with

This and more is the focus of Blogband LLC’s crypto currency program.

For instance, with the integration of platforms like Changetip, will give access to a whole host of Cryptocurrencies for people to use in sharing music in an easy way.

If you like someone’s music, tip them with some Sonic, Songcoin or DOGE.

If you want a complete album, send ‘em some BTC for an easy purchase.

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