END of the European Union: Marine LePen Emanuel Macron AKA Mr. Macaroni

Realize for a moment how everyone depends on money, and then realize how sick that really is. Did you ever dream of a world where people had access to food, clean water without FLUORIDE, fruits, vegetables, seeds, storage, oh wait… life takes a lot of work, but still! C’mon! If your Father had planted 50 trees for you, would you not be a wealthy man of produce? Then, you would realize, money is not the answer, so, therefore, also is governance not the answer, because government naturally tries to suck the produce off of the people and transfer it into the hands of the governing, spending money on nothing but death and destruction! What a scam the Euro really is. All forms of money are a scam, but some are less of a scam than others. Bitcoin is less of a scam. With the Yellow Vest protests and the introduction of bitcoin into Tobbacconist shops in France, when better is the time to reject the concept of government controlled currency?


France doesn’t need to leave the Euro, because the Euro is bullshit. What does it really do? Can it feasibly collect taxes? Does it spend more than it should? Does it provide any real form of protection? Does it defend the rights of humans to defend themselves with weapons? No, no, no, no, no, no, and no. So, what the fuck is it good for? Do you believe Google will give this post any visibility in the search engine? No, so what does it matter?

You would be be surprised how much your words matter!

Still! Imagine what would happen if France rejected the Euro for bitcoin? Just imagine! What would happen to the Euro? Why can’t the Yellow Vests organize around cryptocurrency? Is this a cry for help? Because God gave it to you right there, and the inventor didn’t ask for anything. Embrace Bitcoin today! Our Freedom awaits!

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