Global Headphones – The World is Listening! was started in 2007, and with years of effort and hard work, we have finally obtained a patent on our unique technology, US8487173. allows musicians to collaborate online in a band that they start or join. Create a song file and upload, download, rework and repost tracks in a band. Band members can select which track is published on the band page player, which version of the song is the official, for sale version. Create playlists and albums and organize your music. Audition for bands or invite other musicians to join your band. Browse styles and musicians that you like. Support our re-invention of the music industry that is much more tailored toward musicians.

Our patented technology makes it so that musicians can collaborate online in a global works-space. Musicians can use our patented, online environment and virtual band social network to promote their bands, songs and albums, receiving payment in crypto-currencies and fiat.

Payments are split up amongst the contributors to the song, and bands can set the percentage distribution to individual musicians who contributed.

In addition to accepting Bitcoin, splitting payments amongst collaborators, and generating music in a distributed date-time stamped global workspace, will allow you to group your music into albums and distribute your music across a host of social networks. Easy to use from tablet or computer. Our patented technology is the future of the music industry. and Blogband LLC are poised to redefine the music industry for the betterment of musicians. What Bitcoin is doing to finance, is doing to the music industry.

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