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Download Sonic Coin

SONIC Coin – Released – The Official Blogband Crypto Currency

Sonic is a Litecoin clone that will be tailored for integration with Myblogband.com social network for musicians to collaborate online in a band that they start or join. Sonic is going to enable all sorts of new features that benefit musicians and licensing of digital content.

Welcome to SONIC, the official crypto currency of Blogband LLC and Myblogband.com

Download Sonic Coin

What is Sonic (SONIC)?

Sonic is the future of the music industry crypto-currency and music licensing. You’ll be able to get access to the top content on MyBlogband.com using SONIC currency. Here at Blogband LLC, we believe in the phenomenal velocity of the crypto-currency revolution.

In the future, you’ll be able to send songs to your friends using SONIC. That is the reason to start mining SONIC today!

Download Sonic for Windows PC here

Download SONIC for Mac OS X will be available within two weeks. In the meantime, for Mac users, you can use Wine Bottler http://winebottler.kronenberg.org to open the wallet and start accepting connections to the network and SONIC.

Start mining Sonic today and be ready for the release on MyBlogBand.com and be able to buy content online using Bitcoin and SONIC coin.

Plans for the future of the SONIC currency:

Licensing of digital media.

Sales of songs on Myblogband.com.

Distribution of profits to musicians in a band.