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You as a musician or as an artist connect to other musicians online and exchange music and ideas. A great way for listeners to discover new bands and musicians by genre with the most played songs listed on the home page.

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To participate in, a user must register. To register, a user must enter a username, email and password. If the username or email is already in use, the user must pick another. Once registered, the user is logged in and can post comments to a band page. They also may continue on to become musicians. Any registered user can post comments on a band profile page.


Musicians can fill out a profile, post pictures and tracks for others to listen to. Any of this can be edited at any time by logging in. Musicians may also participate in bands by starting a band and inviting other musicians to join or auditioning for one of the many bands already on the site. If you did not create a musician profile when you registered, you can create one now. If you have already created a musicians profile, you can view your profiles by clicking on “view profile”. You can make changes to or delete your profile through “edit my profile”. It is important to choose genres that represent your music, as that will help others with similar interests find you.

Tracks can be uploaded by selecting the file using the “Browse” button and then clicking on the “Upload” button. Depending on the type of connection you have, it may take several minutes to upload a track. Do not click on anything else while a track is uploading. Only MP3 and .AIF tracks will be playable by the online player. Tracks must be named before they are uploaded.


Musicians can participate in bands in several ways. A musician may start a band. A band has a profile very similar to a musician profile. It is important to choose genres that are representative of this band so other musicians and listeners can find the band. Once a musician creates a band, they can invite other musicians to join the band by searching for them using the “Musicians” menu item at the top of the page. If you have at least one band, and the musician is not in that band, a link will show up on that musician's profile page called “invite this musician to join your band”. This will open a page where you select the band that you want to invite the musician to join and an optional message. An email will be sent to the invited musician. Band members should create at least one song that is representative of the band. This is done by clicking on the “manage band music”. A song may have many tracks as the song develops and new parts are added. Tracks are added by clicking on the “tracks” link under the song on the “manage band music” page. As more tracks are uploaded, you can decide which one is the “public” track. Any musician can audition for any band that they are not already in. To do this, find a band using the “Bands” menu item at the top of the page, and click on the “audition for this band” link. This will allow you to upload a track for a song. The band members will get an email. If they like the musician, they can invite them to join the band by clicking on their name and clicking on “invite this musician to join your band” on the profile page as described above.


Artists upload music

When artists upload a song or an album to My BlogBand platform the music is transmitted through our strong IP asset network.

Users search relevant music

A customized platform that recommends relevant content to that particular user.

Payments with Soniq

The user pays with SonIQ and the transaction is visible to everyone on the blockchain network.

Artists earn all revenue

SonIQ - A Digital Media Wallet on MyBlogBand allows artists to receive the transaction directly from the user without mediators or fees.


Mabelle Howell

Main Vocal

Jordan Paul


Derek Dixon


Joel Lindsey

Main Vocal