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At Blogband LLC, we understand the content is King. You are the users, and you provide the content. Unlike the record label industry, Myblogband.com seeks to set out on providing you with the best ways to distribute and promote your music while costing the least to the musician. That is why when we monetize Myblogband.com, we plan to base our fees solely off of a small percentage of sales. Check out some of the collaborations going on at Myblogband.com already:

Check out some of the collaborations going on at Myblogband.com/bands already:

The Reckless Clinic Collaboarations Secondary ColorsThe Jukes
The Reckless Clinic              Secondary Colors                          The Jukes

parker eld
Check out some of the great musicians ready to collaborate at Myblogband.com:

John CusterDaron WhitmoreRyan Eldridge
            John Custer                             Daron Whitmore                  Ryan Eldridge

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